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Day Tours In Helsinki

Boasting some of the most stunning waterfront views, historical sites, and lively city life, Helsinki will spoil you with unique tours that will help you experience its true culture. You can choose between a self-guided tour with your Helsinki travel pass or a city tour with an expert guide.There are a lot of activities for you to indulge in Helsinki that will make your sightseeing experience rich with fun and adventure. Some of the best activities that you can embark upon from Helsinki include a Tallin Guided tour, a walking tour of the city, a private TukTuk guided tour, a full-day tour of Turku and the castle, a Suomenlinna sightseeing tour, and more.

Top Experiences In Helsinki

While you can explore the city at your own pace, Helsinki offers some amazing tourist experiences that you must not miss out on. Apart from its incredible city tours, the Finnish capital is also a hidden natural gem with over 300 islands in its Archipelago and a well-preserved National Park, there’s a lot you can discover. For those who love adventure and experiencing nature up and close, you can choose from a range of well-designed excursions that Helsinki has to offer. You can choose from a canal cruise, a backpacker hiking experience to the National Park, a snowmobile ride in the Arctic circle, or an enthralling safari searching for the Northern Lights, among others.

Why To Visit Helsinki?

Helsinki is a must-visit for people who appreciate design and architectural beauty. The Finnish capital may not be on every traveler’s radar but it is undoubtedly worth a visit. With sea-facing views, vibrant architecture, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites under its wing, Helsinki will surprise you in the best way possible. Home to the largest number of Art Nouveau buildings in Northern Europe, Helsinki stands out with its mesmerizing architecture. You can visit all these gorgeous buildings and sites with a Helsinki city pass that is designed for tourists to explore the top sightseeing attractions in the city with ease. Helsinki also makes for a great tourist destination for people who like to explore offbeat locations with lesser crowds. Many travelers tend to overlook Helsinki, which makes it a more attractive destination for people who like to spend their holiday away from the bustling tourist crowd. You can take advantage of the Helsinki pass to tour the city at reasonable prices. Apart from its rich architectural magnificence, Helsinki is also known for hosting one of the largest music festivals in Europe. There are over thousands of lakes in Helsinki that you can sail across and experience its beautiful coastlines.

Plan Your Visit to Helsinki

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  • How To Reach Helsinki

By Flight: Many direct flights are available from major US, Europe, and Asian cities to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL).

By Train: You can travel to Helsinki Central Station (HEC) by train from Stockholm, Sweden, and St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Best Time to Visit HelsinkiThe best time to visit Helsinki is during the summers since the winters can be quite cold due to its continental climate. The most favorable time to visit Helsinki are the months between May and September as there are fewer chances of rain and the cool summers are pleasant to experience. During winters the temperature ranges between 1 to -7 degrees Celsius, whereas the temperature during the summer ranges between 11 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius. The summer season witnesses long daylight hours that allow you to explore the city comfortably; the longest day hours lasts 19 hours during the summer solstice.
  • Getting Around in Helsinki:Traveling around the city is easy and convenient as Helsinki is well connected with buses, trams, ferries, and metro trains. There are a lot of ways to get around the town and you can even rent bicycles and rental cars. You can explore all the top sightseeing attractions under a budget with a Helsinki pass. The Helsinki travel pass includes a full-day tour of the city with unlimited rides in city transport. You get to visit the hot tourist attractions by traveling like a local with your Helsinki city pass, which you can book online. Also, you have the option to choose from a 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour Helsinki sightseeing pass which gives you free access to the best tourist attractions around the city. That’s not all, you also receive discounts and benefits on dining and shopping in addition to the tours with your Helsinki city pass. The pass includes free rides on trams, metro, trains, ferries, and buses for the specified period.

  • Best Areas to Stay in Helsinki:Kamppi- Kamppi is situated in downtown Helsinki and is also known as the heart of Finland’s music scene. The Kamppi district is perfect for people who love to enjoy the nightlife. The neighborhood is always bustling with live music and is perfect for all the party animals.

Kluuvi- The city center of Helsinki is best for those who like accessibility as all the major city attractions are located near Kluuvi. It has all the main connectivity zones of Helsinki including the Central Railway Station that can even take you to St. Petersburg, Russia. A lot of popular attractions are located within walking distance of the city center.

Kallio- Kallio is always bustling with backpackers and students as the area has quite a lot of budget-friendly options for accommodation. The bars and cafes are filled with solo travelers and performing artists, you will find a lot of young crowds around the area.

Etu-Toolo- If you’re traveling to Helsinki to find some peace, then Etu-Toolo is the ideal place to stay in. The district is surrounded by greenery and gorgeous landscapes that will instantly put you at ease. The Etu-Toolo neighborhood is comparatively more green and beautiful than the other districts in Helsinki.

Punavuori- For those of you who like to be surrounded by art, Punavuori is your destination in Helsinki. This neighborhood in the Design District is bustling with quaint cafes, museums, and art galleries with unique architecture.

Kaartinkaupunki- Situated in the south of Helsinki, the Kaartinkaupunki area is perfect for families. There are many office buildings, parks, shops, and market areas that families can explore safely. You can visit the local markets with your kids and try some freshly baked bread or go for long walks around the residential areas.

  • Get a Helsinki pass to travel economically around the city. The pass allows you access to all the major sightseeing locations with unlimited local transport rides.
  • If you’re a backpacker traveling on a budget, opt for accommodation in the Kallio area as it has many budget-friendly stay options.
  • Do not hire taxis/cabs as most major tourist sights are located within a walking distance from each other.
  • Carry reusable water bottles as the tap water in Helsinki is clean and safe for consumption. It will also keep you from spending money on water bottles now and then.
  • There are a lot of free city tours and attractions that don’t require any entry fee or pass. You can be a part of these tours and save money.
  • Several guided day tours take place daily that you can choose from to explore the destination of your choice.

Weather: Humid Continental ClimateLanguage: Finnish & SwedishTime Zone: Eastern European Time (EET) & Eastern European Summer Time (EEST)Budget: 400-500 Euros are enough for a comfortable 3-day visitCurrency: EuroVisa: Visitors will need a Schengen Visa, a short-term visa that allows them to stay for 90-180 days in a Schengen member country


How many days is enough to see Helsinki ?

Helsinki is a small city compared to major European cities and you can cover the popular locations in a day. However, if you wish to explore the city leisurely and feel like a local then 3-4 days are more than enough.

What is the best time to visit Helsinki ?

Summer is the most pleasant time to visit Helsinki as winters can be quite harsh. The months between May and September witness the most beautiful weather with long daylight hours. You can explore the city and admire its architecture with ease during the summers.

What can I do in Helsinki on a budget?

There’s a lot that you can do on a budget in Helsinki. The best way to save money and visit all the famous attractions in the city is with a Helsinki sightseeing pass. The pass will give you access to all the tourist spots including museums, Cathedrals, National Parks, etc. with discounts on shopping and dining.

Why should I book Helsinki attraction tickets online?

Booking your tickets online gives you the option to choose from multiple full-day and half-day tours with attractive offers. It is also convenient to plan your itinerary in advance according to the tours you choose. Online bookings also offer discounts and instant email confirmations.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the day trips in Helsinki?

All the day trips are reasonably priced for providing tourists with the best experiences. You can avail of many discounts and offers by booking your trips online in advance. For people traveling on a budget, you can explore the main tourist sites with a Helsinki travel card that gives you free entry to the premises and unlimited travel time on local transport along with additional benefits.

Is Helsinki expensive?

Yes, Helsinki is expensive just like any other North European city but there are ways to cut down on costs and save as well. While the living standard in Helsinki is high, there are budget-friendly cafes, restaurants, hotels, and activities that will help you save money. Make sure to do your research before finalizing all your bookings.

Is Helsinki worth visiting?

Helsinki has not yet become popular amongst tourists traveling to Northern Europe. However, people are missing out on a lot of fun and beauty that the capital of Finland has to offer. Its rich culture and history are full of surprises and awe-inspiring architecture that will surely excite any explorer who comes across it. Helsinki is certainly worth your time.


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